Award-winning filmmaker
Özlem Altingöz

W as born and raised in Mersin, Turkey before pursuing her professional career in the United States. In the past three years alone, she has brought to life 10 short films and conquered each aspect of the filmmaking process through her work on projects as director/producer/writer/editor, director of photography, production designer, or production assistant.

Her short horror film “Daughter of the Lake” (2017) garnered critical acclaim on the festival circuit with over 50 awards, including Best Film Short, Best Women Filmmakers, and Best Screenplay. The tale of a group of friends who stumble upon a deadly secret in the woods, “Daughter of the Lake” demonstrates Özlem’s talents as writer/director/producer through her unique blend of visual excellence, technical skill, and storyline originality.

Ozlem Altingoz’s most recent short horror film, “Birth” (2018), premiered at the 2018 Festival de Cannes Short Film Corner and has won over 40 awards and counting in the festival circuit so far, including Best Producer, Best Director, Best Original Story, and Best Horror Short. “Birth” examines how far one man, whose life at birth was spared in a demonic deal, would go to save his family from the price of his own soul.

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Özlem’s notable filmography, especially her work in the horror genre, engendered her overall view of film: storytelling ingenuity must trigger real reactions through the technicalities of light and shade or silence and sound. With this vision in mind, she has led a running total of seven scripts from conception to distribution as writer, director, and producer.

Özlem Altingöz earned her filmmaking degree from New York Film Academy in Los Angeles.

Ozlem Altingoz's BIRTH is one hell of a spookie ride. Her dexterous directing will leave you on the edge of your seat; she knows what scares you. BIRTH is equal parts love letter to Wan's Insidious and entirely new nightmare! I'm expecting great things from this talented young director.

- Adam Robitel (Director of Escape Room, Insidious: The Last Key )

"Özlem Altıngöz proves herself to be a talented, stylish, fresh new voice in the horror genre with Birth and Daughter in the Lake. Birth is a beautifully crafted, intimate story with a killer twist on the exorcism genre and a disturbing look at a mother’s love. Daughter in the Lake takes the “kids lost in the woods” idea to new crazy new heights when they encounter a terrifying supernatural threat. While the stories are different, Özlem has a mastery of writing and directing that distinguishes her as a genre filmmaker to watch. I can’t wait to see what she does next. "

- Jeffrey Reddick (Writer of Final Destination Series)

"Stunning opening credits! It’s amazing that you got all that story in a short film. Well edited, great story."

- David Armstrong (Director of Photography of Saw Series)

"Looks so creepy, high tension."

- Scott Lobdell (Writer of Happy Death Day)

"Had this to say about Ms. Altingoz’s award-winner, Birth: Ozlem Altingoz has taken the psych-thriller to a whole new level. If you don't know who she is, set your watch, you will soon...very soon."

- Shane Stanley (The Grid Iron Gang with Dwayne Johnson, Showtime’s Mistrust with Jane Seymour, the just released feature theatrical film, The Untold Story with Nia Peeples and the author of What You Don't Learn in Film School)

“So Bloody.”

- Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival (Ozlem was the nominee at this impressive festival for its Brigadoon Paul Naschy Award.)

"Terrifying! She makes a great progress as a storyteller, bringing many emotions to this short film, from compassion to….fear. Remember her name 10 years from now, Ozlem Altingoz will be one of the leading horror movie directors."

- Roy Zafrani (Top Shorts Online Film Festival)

"Birth is an exceptionally immersive and creepy experience thanks, in no small part, to Ozlem Altingoz’s imaginative directorial skill set. Great job from Altingoz’s, a young promising female filmmaker, who led her team to create a very well-done horror film."

- Festigous International Film Festival

"Horror movies have a long history relying on myths and tradition to sell their stories. However, director/writer Ozlem Altingoz took a very different approach and seemed to relish breaking all the rules to tell a new kind of story."

- Utah Film Festival



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