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Award-winning Filmmaker Shoots with the Stars while Shooting for the Stars

Award-winning Filmmaker Shoots with the Stars while Shooting for the Stars

Source: Thenyweekly

“Success does not define you. You define success.” These are the words that award-winning filmmaker Özlem Altingöz lives by. According to her, three things make a film successful – creating it with nothing short of passion, making sure it resonates with her audience, and getting feedback from the viewers. In line with her pursuit of success is her dream of making it to Hollywood.

Özlem Altingöz was born and raised in Mersin, Turkey before jumpstarting her professional career in the United States. She earned her filmmaking degree from New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. Over the past five years, she has brought to life multiple short films and has conquered each aspect of the filmmaking process through her works as a director, writer, and producer. Her short horror film, “Daughter of the Lake” (2017), garnered critical acclaim on the Film Festival Circuit with over forty (40) awards, including Best Film Short, Best Women Filmmakers, and Best Screenplay.

Her most recent short horror film, “Birth” (2018), were screened at many prestigious festivals like Cannes “Short Film Corner”, Sitges Film Festival, Montreal World Film Festival and many more others. Not surprisingly, “Birth” has won over forty (40) awards including Best Producer, Best Director, Best Original Story, and Best Horror Short.

In deviation from her signature short films, Özlem Altingöz was also able to complete a short documentary in 2020, Los Angeles City of Dreams and Fallen Angels. A striking feature of the said documentary was that it vividly portrayed a very important social problem: homelessness in Los Angeles County. Proving to be capable of diverse creations, Özlem seems to be unstoppable at what she does. So far, she has led a running total of seven scripts from conception to distribution as a writer, director, and producer. And not once has she shown any signs of slowing down. Her Hollywood dreams just might turn into a reality sooner than she thinks.

Without a doubt, Özlem Altingöz is on fire in terms of not only achieving her personal goals but as well as sharing her passion for film with the world. For her, the foundation of sound filmmaking is how well she is able to resonate with her audience. Consequently, she always keeps in mind what her viewers would want to see and incorporates this into her filmmaking process. A combination of her passion and her viewer’s desired content is what makes Özlem’s truly stand out from the rest.

She makes sure that she is not bound by any technical rules as she creates. Of more primordial interest is her ability to convey the story she wishes to put out into the world. She would rather break a couple of rules than to compromise the content’s quality.

Equipped with a growth mindset, Özlem Altingöz always allocates a portion of her time to grow and to learn new things. By continuing to be innovative, Özlem Altingöz becomes a storyteller as well as a leader. One of the projects she has in mind is creating horror and thriller movies. With Özlem’s track record, these two upcoming films surely won’t disappoint.


Source: Thenyweekly

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