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Ozlem Altingoz Is Challenging Human Empathy with the Documentary Film “Los Angeles City of Dreams and Fallen Angels”

Ozlem Altingoz Is Challenging Human Empathy with the Documentary Film “Los Angeles City of Dreams and Fallen Angels”

Source: Emonthlynews

In the world of endless opportunities is a crisis that is bound to affect everyone. While only a few seem to care about its existence, homelessness is a reality that will continue to haunt the depths of human empathy up to this day.

For master storyteller and award-winning filmmaker, Ozlem Altingoz, she is bound to bring the reality of homelessness to the world through her short documentary film “Los Angeles City of Dreams and Fallen Angels.” Ozlem, who has been known for her horror-thriller films, has realized the issue of homeless people after years of exposure in the streets of Los Angeles. Her passion for connecting with her audience by telling a story that moves the depths of the human soul is bound to create an awakening by revealing the unheard stories of the homeless people in Los Angeles.

Ozlem’s documentary film is focused on My Friend’s Place, a center for homeless youth and the people who support the advocacy of helping and improving the lives of homeless people. One of the figures of the said advocacy is Kirkpatrick Tyler, MPA, Director for Skid Row Strategy at the Mayor’s Office of Homelessness Initiatives. He explains that homelessness in Los Angeles is the impact of some places where a specific type of person is not accepted due to many factors. He believes that employment leads to permanent housing. He is advocating for housing that is accessible to everyone.

A restauranteur, TV personality, author, Lisa Vanderpump has seen the crisis of homelessness as getting worse. She believes that the important aspect of her business is giving back to the community. As the owner of Villa Blanca, she has been making food and delivering them to homeless shelters or churches every Monday for the past twelve years. She has been questioning up to this day as to why other restaurateurs could not spare a day of giving back to the community, especially to the starving homeless people.

Homelessness is complicated, as Heather Carmichael explains, “but worth delving into since every homeless person that they can stabilize, support, and move one step towards stability in housing and having a community…” Heather is the Executive Director at My Friend’s Place, the center which provides the homeless youth the right opportunities and the support to move forward. Heather is the figure in revolutionizing the perception of homeless youth. She believes in creating opportunities for homeless youth to become the best adults they can be. Heather has seen thoughtful responses from young people helping them at My Friend’s Place. She is looking forward to the day that the whole community will look back and help in alleviating homelessness.

The key figures in Ozlem’s “Los Angeles City of Dreams and Fallen Angels” continue to raise awareness on homelessness by sharing their innovative approach in alleviating the issue in the hopes of knocking the hearts of other people to extend a helping hand and work together as a community.

As Ozlem reveals the issue of homelessness through her documentary, she is exposing a heart-wrenching reality check, how can people lose empathy in the world of opportunities?To see a glimpse of Ozlem Altingoz’s documentary film, check it on Youtube. Details about the film are on IMBD.

Source: Emonthlynews


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