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Fear In Young Woman Hand: Özlem Altıngöz

Fear In Young Woman Hand: Özlem Altıngöz

Talks are being held with Özlem Altıngöz, one of the new names in the horror cinema, to regardıng with work talkıng with Scott Lobdell, Hollywood
screenwriter known for his Happy Death Day film and X-Men tv series. The film is a horror-like feature film. Film, Turkey also announced the
contribution will be made in order to represent the worldwide. It is said that female directors are not actively involved in the horror cinema and
that Özlem Altıngöz will be a place for women in this area.

Özlem Altıngöz, who continues her studies in horror cinema to touch a woman’s hand, completed her film directing course at the New York Film Academy. Altıngöz has completed two short films with her professional team in Los Angeles and has participated in festivals around the world.

Altıngöz, Los Angeles Film Festival, Mexico International Film Festival, Top Shorts, Spotlight Horror Film Awards, Cannes Screenplay Contest, Short Film Corner, L.A. He received awards from various festivals such as Short Awards. She has also appeared in short film production at the festivals such as Deep Cut Film Festival, Los Angeles Cinefest, Fantastic Horror Film
Festival, Nevada International Film Festival and Best Short Fest.

Altıngöz, who has two short films, is told that the first-born child should pay the price as a result of an agreement with the devil in order to save the life of a child in the basement of a hospital in Birth. In the film Daughter of The Lake, four friends play the game of the devil. Birth was screened at the short film selection of the Cannes Film Festival. In addition, Montreal World Film Festival, Spain’s biggest horror film festival Sitges Film Festival – World’s Number 1 Horror / Fantasy Festival, Orlando Film Festival, Miami Fear Fest, Izmir International Film Festival, Mexico International Film Festival, Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival, Festigious She has been screened at festivals such as Film Festival and received awards. The 2017 film Daughter of The Lake won over 50 awards in “Best Director”, “Best Producer”, “Best Horror Film” and “Best Screenplay” in America and Europe.


Source: Beyazperde

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