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Multi-Talented Ozlem Altingoz is Making Her Mark in the Filmmaking Industry

Multi-Talented Ozlem Altingoz is Making Her Mark in the Filmmaking Industry

Source: theamericanreporter

The filmmaking industry is a competitive field to be in. Hollywood, in particular, is known to consist of the best of the best, with directors, producers, and other artists vying for success and having their names engraved in a trophy.

Özlem Altingöz, a multi-talented and award-winning filmmaker, has had her name in a hundred trophies and medals, and she is well on the way to have her rightful place in Hollywood.

At her heart, Özlem wants to create an impact on the perspectives of her audience through her ingenious storytelling and technical mastery. She views her work as her medium to share her love for films.

Özlem, a filmmaking degree holder from the highly acclaimed New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, has capitalized on her unique set of skills to be a compelling storyteller and leader in the industry. Her success and recognition from very well known people in the film industry is the product of her authentic passion for creating masterpieces.

She has garnered countless awards and is still counting. In the past five years, she has been the creative mind behind multiple outstanding films, one of which is the 2017 movie, Daughter of the Lake. It received over forty awards, including Best Film Short and Best Screenplay. The movie showcased Özlem’s prowess, and for that, she was also awarded with Best Women Filmmakers.

Another demonstration of Özlem’s capabilities as director, producer, and writer, is the 2018 film, Birth. Premiered at the Short Film Corner during the 2018 Festival de Cannes, Birth went on to gather over forty awards. It was also screened in various other prestigious festivals. This story of a man saving his family at the expense of his life gave Özlem a long list of accolades that include Best Producer, Best Director, Best Original Story, and Best Horror Short. So far, Özlem can be credited for leading the different processes, from writing to directing, of a total of seven scripts.

Özlem was born in Mersin, Turkey, but pursued her professional career in the United States. Her contribution to the field is not just in the new approaches in telling horror stories but also in shedding light to social issues. Her 2020 documentary, Los Angeles City of Dreams and Fallen Angels, looks into the homelessness in Los Angeles County and hopes to inform the audience of the realities behind being homeless.

The industry and viewers alike can look forward to more of Özlem’s projects. With her vigor toward the art of filmmaking, we are bound to see future award-winning films from this multi-talented director, writer, and producer. The long list of awards she has received, from her accolades from the Los Angeles Film Awards to those from Cannes, is expected to grow in the years ahead.

With her distinctive ability to resonate with her audience and the phenomenal way that she tells her stories, Özlem can get the hearts of thousands of teenagers and adults racing. One thing is for sure — Hollywood has a definite star in its hands in the coming years.


Source: theamericanreporter

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