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Ozlem Altingoz: Master of Storytelling

Ozlem Altingoz: Master of Storytelling


Ozlem Altingoz is an exceptional figure in the filmmaking industry. She defined success as a director, writer, and producer, breaking the status quo of the male-dominated filmmaking industry. Just like any passion-driven woman, Ozlem’s success started as a dream in Turkey while witnessing a shooting of a television series. At that very moment, she knew she wanted to be a director someday. She pursued her dream relentlessly and earned a filmmaking degree from New York Film Academy in Los Angeles in 2018.

Ozlem is truly hands-on on her filmmaking projects. As an all-around director, writer, and producer, she knows better how to connect with her target audience. She creates films that are thrilling, intriguing, and relatable to them. She always believes that her audience is the foundation of her movies. Keeping them in mind all the time, she has created award-winning films such as Daughter of the Lake, and Birth. Out of these films, she garnered the following prestigious awards: Best Film Short, Best Women Filmmakers, Best Screenplay, Best Producer, Best Director, Best Original Story, and Best Horror Short.

Ozlem’s success lies in her pursuit to tell a new kind of story. This is the reason why her films are immersed in the short film horror-thriller genre. As she puts it, creating a mood that can give the viewer real and untainted goosebumps. She can connect more with her audience by storytelling and bringing them to life through the art of light and sound.

Being an independent filmmaker, Ozlem once quoted saying, if you believe in yourself, you can make your film great. Ever since she pursued a career in filmmaking, she has been so passionate about her dream. Yes, there will always be tough and challenging times, but for Ozlem, these made her stronger and pushed harder to realize her vision. Giving up was never a mantra.

Even though success in the short filmmaking segment is prevalent for Ozlem, she could never stop dreaming and believing to do more. Her biggest dream is to create a big film and enter Hollywood as a director and producer. Her passion for creating and sharing different stories are her fuel towards greater success.

Ozlem is currently working on projects that would allow her to grow and learn new skills. Although her niche is in the horror-thriller genre, she is trying to explore and understand other concepts that would tell a story. With storytelling at its core, she is the only woman filmmaker who is exceptionally driven to excel in the industry. Ozlem’s different approach to filmmaking is already an expectation from her audience.

By connecting with her audience, she creates an impact and elicits a response from them. Ozlem will become a master storyteller while combining her expertise in filmmaking she will inevitably rise as a promising movie director in the filmmaking industry.

To know more about Ozlem and her works, check via her website Ozlem Altingoz and connect with her through social media accounts on LinkedinIMDBFacebook, and Instagram.


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